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Beware of electric bike charging units

(Shanghai Daily)

09:47, March 07, 2013

(Xinhua Photo)

On many of the city's streets and sidewalks along comes a new hazard - dangling and lose power cords used by people charging their electric bicycles.

Many small shop owners have rigged coin-operated charging units on trees, pillars, doors and walls to earn extra money from drivers who want to charge the battery of their electric mopeds and bicycles. The power cords often hang from trees and run along sidewalks, making it easy for unsuspecting pedestrians to trip and fall over them.

Outside a grocery store on Maoming Road in Jing'an District, a charging box has been installed on a wall next to the street.

Both shop and moped owners said the service is beneficial.

"It's convenient," said an electric moped owner.

The grocery store charges 1 yuan for 10 minutes of charging time, 2 yuan for 20 minutes and 3 yuan for half an hour.

The grocery store owner said the service is popular.

Although no accidents have been reported, it can be inconvenient for passersby as the electric bikes block sidewalks, forcing them to walk on the road.

An urban management team in the district said there are no regulations about where the units can be installed. A team member said if they receive complaints they will simply ask owners to move the equipment inside to avoid further problems.

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