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Musicians set to awe Chinese audience in French

By Chen Nan (China Daily)

15:11, March 04, 2013

Indie folk singer Klo Pelgag from Quebec is famous for her dreamy melodies. (China Daily)

Mars en Folie, an annual music festival held in China, will present pop, rock and reggae musicians from European and North American francophone music scene.

More than 40 concerts have been scheduled from March 6 to 24, to give young Chinese an opportunity to get to know French music and its diversified style.

Indie folk singer Klo Pelgag from Quebec, who is famous for her dreamy melodies, will perform in China for the first time.

The singer-songwriter, with a voice somewhere between Feist and Camille, is set to awe audience with her own brand of indie folk.

She finds her music roots along the St. Lawrence River and produced her first EP in collaboration with Yves Descrosiers. Her music studio, at Rivire-Ouelle within the Bas-Saint-Laurent region of Quebec, has a piano leaning against a window with a view going all the way down to the small bay.

Inspired by visual arts, literature and theater, Pelgag strives to write songs that create landscapes for the blind. Onstage, the Caline de Bine band complements her and together they melt music and words.

Poetic reggae player Junior Tshaka from Switzerland will present his new album BoostePar Le Son to Chinese music lovers for the first time. In his songs, he likes to address topics of universal value.

Tshaka is the winner of the 2009 European Reggae Contest and has attracted audience, that go beyond reggae lovers.

Powerful rock band, Le Mauvaise Langues, or The Sharp Tongues, from France, which comprises five musicians, and pop duo Benjamin Schoos & Sophie Galet from Belgium will also share the stage.

This event will tour such cities as Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. It is free and open to all. But you will need to contact the Alliance Francaise front desk for an invitation to attend.

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