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Chinese singers appear on screen in Times Square

(People's Daily Online)

19:53, February 20, 2013

(Xinhua photo)

Recently, Momo Wu and Li Daimo in traditional Chinese costumes appeared on the big screen of the Times Square in New York City, becoming the first two Chinese singers sending the Spring Festival wishes through the screen.

Momo Wu in a black dress sings "I listen to the world and the world listens to me” while Li Daimo with a pair of couplets in his hands presents a big warm smile. Wu’s unique voice and impressive Chinese elements made many people on the square stop to watch.

Rising new singing star Momo Wu and Li Daimo gained overnight fame taking part in the singing contest The Voice of China last year. Momo Wu, with her Western-style powerful and exaggerated performance won the favor of many young people in China.

Born in 1992, Momo Wu was also the only post-90s generation talent to win an award. "It might be because I have something different from others that make people remember me. Music has no boundaries. Everyone can express things they want to. No matter what, we need to stick to our true colors. I will certainly carry on my caravan plan. I want to sing happily. It is just that simple," Wu said.

“The Voice of China,” the Chinese version of American popular reality TV show “The Voice,” is one of the most popular television shows in China last year.

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