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Chinese comedian guru Zhao Benshan quits stage, finally

(CRI Online)

09:08, January 31, 2013

Uncle Benshan(xinhua photo)

Key Words:Spring Festival Gala; comedy; skit; Zhao Benshan

Top Chinese comedian Zhao Benshan has decided to quit skit stage from now on, leaving opportunities to others and gaining more time to reflect upon his previous works, reports Beijing News on Thursday.

"From now on, audience won't see me performing skit. I choose to quit," released Zhao Benshan seriously in a talk show hosted by another famous crosstalk comedian Guo Degang in Beijing.

"The pressure to perform at Spring Festival Gala of China Central Television (CCTV) is unimaginable, and I am not in good health condition these years," said Zhao.

"I had performed at the CCTV grand Gala for 21 years and gained much from that" said he, "I cannot achieve what I have without the Spring Festival Gala and I treasure a profound feeling to the Gala."

The CCTV gala provides a festive occasion that can do without any single performer, said Zhao. He also encourage TV audience to feel free to enjoy the show.

And the Spring Festival are happy occasions without any performer. So the audiences should enjoy the Gala with a peaceful and joyful mood, said Zhao.

It has been a family tradition for many people to gather in front of the television on the eve of the Chinese New Year and watch Zhao's skits.

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