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Find your inner peace in Yoga- Still a stretch to go

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09:16, January 31, 2013

Yoga students hang upside down to relax their muscles and aid their circulation at Cindy Yoga. (Photo: Wang)

Key Words:Yoga; Shunyi;inner peace

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Just past the Beijing airport lies Shunyi District, quite removed from the action of the capital but certainly with its own raison d'etre. A growing number of foreigners have moved into its swathes of residential "villas" joining the affluent Chinese who have the money to move beyond the confines of apartment living. This international suburban community with its worldly aspirations seems like a good place for yoga to take hold, and Cindy Yoga is filling that void.

Different faces, same Chinese Dream[Special]

Cindy Yoga actually consists of three separate studios of different sizes. Two of the studios are large with hardwood floors, mirrors and windows, located within community centers of sorts. Unfortunately, these community centers tend to represent the bad taste in design that China's early attempts at opulence were known for. Faux Greco-Roman pillars and facades are mashed together with gaudy décor, all looking a little bit worse for wear. A small hot yoga studio is located in a rundown apartment building whose littered and dirty concrete hallways do nothing to encourage a yogic state of mind.

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