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Searching for young talent :Jackie Chan

(China Daily)

14:09, December 17, 2012

Jackie Chan (third from left) leads a group of young actors in his latest film Chinese Zodiac 12. (Photo/ China Daily)

Jackie Chan realizes he isn't getting any younger and is searching for young talent to replace him as Chinese action film's new icon. Liu Wei reports in Beijing.

Jackie Chan was on the set of his latest film Chinese Zodiac 12. He was supposed to jump through a picture frame hanging from the ceiling but got stuck. He crashed to the floor and injured his waist.

Jackie Chan: upcoming film will be last big action movie

The crew was shocked into silence.

Before anyone moved to help him, he said: "I'm not dead. Don't be so quiet."

He slowly got up and walked toward the corner of the room, blood oozing from his back.

Chan recovered soon after. But the incident made him think.

"I told myself I can't be so lucky every time," Chan says.

"I have to admit, I'm not a young man anymore. That was when I decided Chinese Zodiac 12 would be my last major action film. That means I will still make action films but not on this scale."

Jackie Chan donates film to Olympic stadium

Chinese Zodiac 12 is also Chan's 101st film. The danger of filmmaking is frightening but fascinating at the same time, motivating the 58-year-old to write, direct and lead the action comedy to be released on Dec 20.

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