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Top 10 delicious cuisines you should never miss [Daxue Special]

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12:57, December 07, 2012

life tips for healthy lifestyle

The 24 Solar Terms - Heavy Snow 。◕‿◕。

After the “Slight Snow�, it’s the “Heavy Snow�, which is around December 7 or December 8 each year. Most of the places in China reach below 0 degree Celsius.  [Read more]

What can you do to protect yourself during this cold season? 

Three must-eat foods during Daxue (Heavy Snow)

"Daxue" falls on December 7 this year, literally means "Heavy Snow". Just like it's meaning, Daxue indicates more snow days and snowfalls. [Read more]


Winter recipe: White gourd soup with fungus

The soup helps increase fluid secretion, cleanse stomach and intestines, and nourish your body. [Read more]

Eight habits that accelerate brain aging

According to Doctor of Medicine Kato Toshinori, a famous Japanese expert in brain image diagnosis, the following bad habits will threaten to strain the brain and accelerate its aging. [Read more]

Eating purple sweet potato in winter helps prevent diseases

The selenium and zinc content in purple sweet potato is three to eight times higher than normal sweet potatoes, making it a top anti-cancer food. [Read more]


Top 10 delicious cuisines you should never miss

These ten delicious cuisines you should have a try if there is a chance. [Read more]

Five things not to do when getting up at night

Getting up at night does not affect sleep. You could fall back to sleep soon if you behave in a right way. [Read more]

11 nutritious foods with low prices

Nutritious foods with low prices include low-fat milk, sweet potato, egg, etc. [Read more]

9 foods that cause insomnia

Some foods may cause insomnia if eaten before going to bed. [Read more]


  Other useful tips for a healthy lifestyle

Top 10 nutritious vegetables you must eat in winter

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that pakchoi helps nourish stomach and cleanse intestines. [Read more]

What to eat if you have cold hands and feet

The basic cause of cold hands and feet is lack of proper circulation to the extremities of the body. [Read more]

Tips: How to choose winter gloves?

Choosing gloves for the wintertime can be tricky, you have to choose the right ones depending on your physique. [Read more]

Tips: Foods that help you reduce internal heat

Foods that help you reduce internal heat include edible lily, pear, etc. [Read more]

25 yummy, healthy snacks for children and women

Following are 25 snacks provided especially for children and women. [Read more]

Top 10 nutritious foods you must eat in winter [Xiaoxue Special]

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that pakchoi helps nourish stomach and cleanse intestines. [Read more]

Tips for staying healthy in winter ['Winter Begins' Special]

“Winter Begins� arrives on November 7 or November 8 each year. In Chinese, it’s called “Li Dong�. [Read more]


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