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Festival lanterns maker Sun Yubo in Yangzhou, E China

People's Daily Online)  08:46, November 23, 2012

Photo taken on Feb. 16, 2007 shows tourist strolling under festival lanterns made by Su Yubo's workshop, in the Yuyuan Park, east China's Shanghai. (Xinhua/Zhao Jun)

Sun Yubo is a craftsman who runs a workshop making festival lanterns in east China's Yangzhou. During the past 18 years, people in Shanghai are able to enjoy colorful lanterns in the annual lantern show held in the city's renowned Yuyuan Park for Spring Festival celebration, and some of those creations came from Sun's workshop.

People who are acquainted with Sun also know about his creation connected with the Shanghai Expo and also exhibited in Yuyuan Park in 2010. Sun values it very much as the lantern he created combines festival lanterns and the Expo's mascot "Haibao", showcasing features of traditional Chinese festival culture.

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In June 2011, Sun was listed as the inheritor of Yangzhou's intangible cultural heritage of making festival lanterns. Like many craftwork inheritors, he also worries about that his skill would not be carried on as few young men have willing to work on making traditional crafts. He hopes that his son could follow his footsteps.

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