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Chinese artist Liu Zhen and his delicate procelain paintings

People's Daily Online)  15:11, November 21, 2012

Liu Zhen mix the painting pigment in his studio at the Chengdexuan Porcelain Co.,Ltd, in Jingdezhen of east China's Jiangxi Province, March 8, 2012. (Xinhua/Zhou Ke)

Liu Zhen, 34, works as a painter in the porcelain company. His porcelain painting career started in 1996 after his graduation from senior high school. Now he is a leading painter in the trade in Jingdezhen. He has formed his unique style in painting landscapes, creatures and figures.

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The porcelain painting work which brought him fame and several important awards is the Riverside Scene at the Qingming Festival. The original scroll painting, made by painter Zhang Zeduan during the Northern Song Dynasty (960AD-1127AD), depicts the prosperous scenes along a river in the then capital city at the Qingming Festival, which falls in late spring. Liu Zhen painted details of the painting on porcelain and added his inspiration and creation.

"I wish to learn from all masters and try something others haven't done yet. " He said.

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Jingdezhen, a city in China's Jiangxi Province, has a history of producing quality pottery for 1700 years. In the 11th century, the town became one of four porcelain making centers in China. In 1004 the town changed its name "Changnan" to "Jingde". From very early times, Jingdezhen porcelain was brought to Europe and later the porcelain making skills were spread to Japan, south Asian countries, and even to east Africa. And the city is now widely acknowledged as the "porcelain capital" not only in China's but also in the world.

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