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Chinese artist Li Bin: unveil the mystery of enamel painted procelain

People's Daily Online)  10:54, November 21, 2012

Li Bin (L) makes demonstration for students at the Lida Polytechnic Institute in Shanghai, east China, April 7, 2011. (Xinhua/Li Weizhen)

Li Bin is not only an artist, but also an aesthetics scholar. He likes reading and writing. In his opinion, the success of an artist largely depends on reading. "Reading helps people to improve their cognitive performance on daily life, traditional Chinese culture and themselves," Li said, "creation is a natural thing when you possess such cognitive performance and show them in artistic languages."

In 1985, Li graduated from the fine arts department of Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute. He liked drawing since his childhood. Nature and sense leads an unusual development for Li's artistic career. He had an idea that he could unveil the enamel painted porcelain that once was palace treasure.

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According to the historical documents, enamel painted porcelain is a new type of porcelain which draws on the experience of copper enamel. It flourished from the Yongzheng Period (1722 to 1735) to the Qianlong Emperor (1735 to 1795) of the Qing Dynasty.

After a deep research, Li Bin mastered the procedures to make the enamel painted porcelain. He decided to innovate the art of the porcelain and give it new connotation.

Two years ago, Li Bin finished his first enamel painted porcelain series works. It combines elements of movement and quietude, cold and warm, and heaven and earth. Currently, he is creating his second enamel painted porcelain series works, which conveys his cognition on art, society and human life.

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