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Top 10 nutritious foods you must eat in winter [Xiaoxue Special]

(People's Daily Online)

12:31, November 22, 2012

life tips for healthy lifestyle

The 24 Solar Terms - Light Snow 。◕‿◕。

When the sun reaches the celestial longitude of 240 degrees on November 22 to November 23 each year, it’s the time for “Light Snow”. Some areas along the Yellow River start to snow. It’s usually light snow, freezing in the night and melting in the morning. [Read more]

What can you do to protect yourself during this cold season? 

Eat black colored foods during Xiaoxue (Light Snow)

"Light Snow" falls on November 22 this year. Foods like black rice, black beans, black sesame seeds, black dates, and black fungus help nourish kidneys, lungs, and fight cold. [Read more]


Top 10 nutritious vegetables you must eat in winter

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that pakchoi helps nourish stomach and cleanse intestines. [Read more]

What to eat if you have cold hands and feet

The basic cause of cold hands and feet is lack of proper circulation to the extremities of the body. Vitamin E helps the expansion of peripheral blood vessels and promotes blood circulations. [Read more]

Tips: How to choose winter gloves?

Gloves are necessary anti-cold accessories in winter. However, choosing gloves for the wintertime can be tricky, you have to choose the right ones depending on your physique. [Read more]


Tips: Foods that help you reduce internal heat

Foods that help you reduce internal heat include edible lily, pear, etc. [Read more]

Top anti-aging foods in white color

Eating the right foods will make you look younger. [Read more]

25 yummy, healthy snacks for children and women

Nutritionists focus their attention on right diet that makes people smarter and stronger; following are 25 snacks provided especially for children and women. [Read more]


  Other useful tips for a healthy lifestyle

Stay hearty, stay healthy

Here are some suggestions to aid in the quest for a hearty yet healthy winter diet. [Read more]

Calcium rich foods

Calcium is a vital mineral for cellular processes in human beings.[Read more]

Healthy diet keeps you away from diabetes

Tips offered to plan a healthy diet without feeling hungry or deprived. [Read more]

Decoration tips for a baby's room

Tips offered today is for new parents to get the most out of time and money since many decisions need to be made before you begin. [Read more]

Tips for staying healthy in winter ['Winter Begins' Special]

“Winter Begins” arrives on November 7 or November 8 each year. In Chinese, it’s called “Li Dong”. [Read more]

Tips for 'Hoar-Frost Falls' [Special]

"Hoar-Frost Falls", falling on October 23 this year, is the peak time for chronic gastritis and gastroduodenal canker. [Read more]


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