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What is behind underage bikini auto models

(People's Daily Online)

08:14, November 21, 2012

A little girl adopts a pose beside a car on display at an auto show in Wuhan. The picture was one of several which sparked online outrage.

Domestic auto shows in recent years have completely become “flesh shows”, exemplified by the scantily clad female models and the growing exposure of the body. Isn’t it screamingly obvious what this mean when girls in bikini appear on the show against this background? No matter how hard sponsors put the behavior in a pleasant and noble light, it cannot conceal the vulgarity and even cater to dark mentalities of certain individuals.

It is the nature of businessmen to pursue profits through new and even strange means. But attempts to take advantage of the under-age children are the dirtiest tricks, and must be strictly forbidden.

According to Guangzhou Daily, some mothers think that show can make children more healthy and outgoing. Rednet stated that compared with businessmen, more rebukes should be directed to parents of the girls who failed to fulfill their duties as a guardian. It is against humanity to make money by exposing the body of underage girls.

Most web surfers are against the phenomenon. Business activities like this are unfit for children to participate in; what is intended to show to the audience when the little girls wear bikini? It can be said that in face of “bikini girl auto models, what audience see is not beauty, but the ugliness of the adult world.

In face of “bikini girl auto models”, we lament wickedness of businessmen, ignorance of parents, and inactivity of some organizations. The fact that “auto shows” keep challenging people’s bottom line is actually ascribable to the management who fail to define and safeguard its bottom lines. , author: Li Hui

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