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What makes red tourism so popular?

(People's Daily Online)

16:13, November 07, 2012

Visitors experience gun battles in the cultural park of the Eighth Route Army in Zhuanbi Village, Wuxiang County of Changzhi City in north China's Shanxi Province. (CNSPHOTO/ Xu Congde)

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Competition in the rapidly changing Chinese tourism industry is becoming increasingly fierce as investors continue to invest heavily in the sector. However, red tourism remains particularly popular in the highly competitive market. Last year alone, China’s red tourism sites received 540 million visitors, accounting for 20 percent of tourists in the country, and posted total revenue of 145 billion yuan despite free admissions to certain commemorative museums and patriotism education bases.

Why is red tourism still so popular? The answer is that it is constantly evolving. As time changes, tourism demands change too. With increasingly rich cultural content and lively forms, today’s red tourism has some new features.

The first feature is an over 100-year history. Red culture is constantly expanding. Today’s red tourism covers the revolutionary and development history of modern China from 1840 to the present day. The over 100-year history gives red tourism a wide range of themes, and the country’s socialist achievements add industrial, technological, and even avant-garde fashion elements to red tourism. Red culture has become a major driving force behind the sustainable development of red tourism.

The second feature is the “1+x” experience economy model. “1”stands for a solid core standing for red culture, and “+x” refers to integration with such tourism forms as ecological and leisure tourism according to the rules of the experience economy. The perfect combination of red culture and the experience economy has enabled red tourism to take diverse forms such as red sight-seeing, red education, red restaurants, red leisure, red experiences, red art, red performances, red exhibitions, and red businesses.

The third feature is the various cultural forms with emotions, stories, and creativity. Today’s red tourism focuses on visitors’ experience and practice. The cartridges on the external wall of the Menglianggu Museum remind visitors of the past, not to mention such moving on-site performances as Jinggang Mountain and A Dream Back to Besieged Yan’an. Red tourism has taken a cultural form in line with the current times.

The fourth feature is constant innovation in operations. People engaged in today’s red tourism have paid attention to operations, the market, capital, and profit model, and improved the industry chain with modern thinking. Strong operations have greatly supported red tourism’s main role as a booster for education and culture, and provided lasting impetus for its benign development.

In short, ted tourism remains so popular because of its constant innovation. It will continue to shine brilliantly in the tourism sector so as to better implement the social responsibility of its importance.

Source:People's Daily Overseas Edition , author: Jinzhun.

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