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Vagner Love: no problem working with Antic


08:05, August 01, 2013

JINAN, East China, July 31 (Xinhua) -- Brazilian forward Vagner Love said on Wednesday he is confident about his prospect at Chinese Super League side Shandong Luneng club.

"I want to train with the team as early as possible and to help Luneng grab more points," Vagner said when he was officially presented to the fans and media.

"I am prepared to start training right now."

Love, 29, joined the Chinese Super League side last week from Russian powerhouse CSKA Moscow with a reported price tag of 12 million euros. But there were rumors that Love was not the best recruitment wanted by coach Radomir Antic.

"I've met Mr Antic already; I think we will do well together," Love said.

According to Luneng's website, Antic spoke highly of Love when they had a brief talk Wednesday.

"I like your smile, which is needed in our team. You will be loved in such a great Chinese club, and your fame would help boom our rate," said the former Real Madrid, Barcelona and Serbia coach.

Regarding his role on the pitch, Love said he would like to play in areas close to the goal, but he will respect Antic's choice.

Love moved to CSKA from Palmeiras in July, 2004 and won two Russian Premier titles, four Russian Cups and UEFA Cup in 2005 during his stay in CSKA. He was also the top scorer in the Russian top league in 2008.

Love was part of the Brazilian team which won the 2004 and 2007 Copa America.

Shandong Luneng now ranks second at the Chinese Super League (CSL).

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