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Fixing suspicions arise over CSL match


15:13, July 16, 2013

BEIJING, July 16 (Xinhuanet) -- Media and soccer fans in China have raised new suspicions of match-fixing on Monday, following Tianjin Teda's 3-1 victory over Liaoning Whowin in the Chinese Super League (CSL) on Sunday.

Liaoning crushed Tianjin 5-0 in Wednesday's CFA (Chinese Football Association) Cup match, with Brazilian Edu scoring a hat trick and Argentinian Pablo Brandan supplying two more goals.

Wednesday's match was supposed to be a home match for Tianjin, but both clubs agreed to play in the newly built Hulu­dao ­Olympic Games Sports Center­ - which is around 420 kilometers away from Tianjin - as the opening game of the stadium in Northeast China's Liao­ning Province.

But on Sunday, to the fans' surprise, Liaoning removed all their foreign players from the lineup except Uzbek Shavkat Mullajanov, who turned out to be an unused substitute. Only one player from Tianjin played in both matches, with the club switching out 10 players between the two starting lineups.

Tianjin's win saw them go level with Changchun Yatai in the league table with 12 points as they pulled away from the relegation zone.

But one player from Tianjin Teda told Hunan-based newspaper Titan Sports on Sunday after the match that he has a clear conscience and does not care what anyone who wasn't on the pitch is saying.

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