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China's Zhang Jike confident of title defense at table tennis worlds


09:01, May 13, 2013

PARIS - Defending champion Zhang Jike of China said here on Saturday that he is confident of retaining the title at the Paris world table tennis championships to be held from April 13-20.

The 25-year-old, a grand slam winner of world championships, World Cup and Olympic Games, said: "I am feeling no pressure now and I have been well prepared. I can't wait for my first match."

Zhang said he is very familiar with Paris and he likes the city very much.

"I won my first World Cup two years ago here, so I think Paris is my lucky place. I also like the fans here. I was very surprised to find two years ago that they loved the sport very much," Zhang said.

Zhang won the men's singles title at the Rotterdam world championships in 2011 but was mistakenly awarded the women's trophy.

"I just hope that I can get the right trophy if I win," he joked.

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