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China's Ding Junhui beats Mark King to reach last eight at snooker worlds


09:53, April 30, 2013

SHEFFIELD, England, April 29 (Xinhua) -- China's Ding Junhui fought back from 6-2 down in the first session to defeat Mark king of England 13-9 at the World Snooker Championship here on Monday.

The 26-year-old, looking to reach the semifinals for the second time, will next take on Barry Hawkins in the quarterfinals.

The former twice UK Championship winner was stopped in the semifinal by Judd Trump. And in his previous six visits at the Crucible Theatre, it was his only time to pass the second-round hurdle.

Ding was shocked by the 30th-ranked King 6-2 in the first session but fought back in the second, dropping only one frame out of eight and taking a 9-7 lead.

He went on to win the first in Monday's third session. King, who was competing in the worlds for the second time, took the next two frames and make it 10-9. But Ding won the next two with breaks of 104 and 98 for 12-9. He sealed the victory after King missed a chance in the next frame.

He said:"I adjusted my game after the first session. I slept well on the night before the second session. I am enjoying it this time. When you are playing badly you have to pick yourself up quickly and get back to winning ways. I am always learning from the matches."

King spoke highly of Ding: "I had some form during the first session and then in the second session he played awesome. He was on a totally different planet, when he is hitting the ball like that I do not think there is anybody that will be able to get near him, including Ronnie. If I am to get to the top of the game that is how I have got to play. I am so far behind him and it is unbelievable."

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