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Marco Fu stuns Mark Williams 5-2 to play against Ding Junhui


10:07, February 28, 2013

HAIKOU, China, Feb. 27 (Xinhua) -- Marco Fu, the runner-up of German Masters 20 days before, beat his opponent Mark Williams and advances to face Ding Junhui in the next round of Haikou Open.

During the first round of World Snooker Haikou Open, Chinese snooker Fu made one good performance to win 5-2 against Williams, the former best snooker player of the world.

In the first frame, Williams started strongly and capitalized on Fu's mistake to win easily. However, the second frame became Fu's solo performance as he scored 74 points with one shot to win the frame to level the score. Fu and Williams split the following two frames to tie at 2-2.

At the second half, Fu did not miss any mistakes made by Williams and won three straight frames to wrap up the match 5-2.

In another match, Chinese rookie Zhao Xintong lost 5-2 to English Snooker Stugart Binham, who will play against former world champin John Higgins in the next round.

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