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Pulled sugar

People's Daily Online)  11:58, April 30, 2013  

A woman is stretching sugar. Making pulled sugar is a little challenging for a women’s strength and it does carry a serious burn risk. (Photo/ Chinapic)

Pulled sugar is a famous snack that originated in Shaoxing, east China’s Zhejiang province. It is made of sugar which has been heated and specially handled so that it turns into a glossy and smooth mass.

Making pulled sugar is not too challenging but it does carry a serious burn risk. The first stage in making pulled sugar involves boiling the sugar, and then sugar must be worked with immediately folding and curled.

According to a local candy cook, pulled sugar recipe is quite simple. Five serves of sugar are mixed with one serve of water and a little vinegar. The mixture is stirred together and slowly heated. Coloring agents, flavor and ground peanuts could be added in the mixture as well.

It is important to ensure that all the sugar crystals dissolve, and that none crust along the slides of the pot, as they can crystallize and ruin the effect. The folding keeps the sugar flexible while incorporating air and cooling.

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