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China sweeps 10 golds at Asian Gymnastics Championships

By Lu Yuchen (Xinhua)

09:53, November 15, 2012

PUTIAN, Fujian Province, Nov. 14 (Xinhua) -- China grabbed four more gold medals on Wednesday at the 5th Artistic Gymnastics Asian Championships here to finish with a total of 10.

Liu Rongbing turned out the most decorated athlete. After winning gold in the men's team, all around and pommel horse events, the 21-year-old Chinese snatched his fourth title on the horizontal bar with 15.900 points.

"From zero to four, it was so unbelievable, like a dream came true," said Liu.

Fellow teammate Lin Chaopan took silver by a deficit of 0.300 points. Furutani Yoshiaki and Ohara Takayuki, both of Japan, shared the third place at 14.450.

Zhou Shixiong, another medal prospect for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games,won the horizontal bar at 15.976 points with a well executed routine which had a 7.0 degree of difficulty.

Shang Chunsong was the queen of the final day. The 16-year-old earned the highest score - 15.225 on the balance beam before topping the scoring for the floor exercise with 14.600.

Shang's teammate Zeng Siqi, who claimed the the all around title, came third in both disciplines.

DPR Korean Kim Un Hyang grabbed the balance beam silver at 14.925, while Japan's Konishi Risa impressed the judges with her high-quality somersaults on the floor at 14.275.

DPRK captured two golds thanks to veteran Ri Se Gwang's standout performance on the men's rings and vault.

Vietnam also won a gold at the championships, through Phan Thi Ha Thanh on the women's vault

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