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(China Daily)

13:16, May 16, 2013

Ren Zhengfei (File Photo)

"If we can adhere to the principles of 'gaining might from a small hole and obtaining benefits from one source', Huawei will not be the next to fall. However, if we diverge from these principles, Huawei will probably be the next to fall. History tells us that if large companies miss a turning point and start to decline, few of them can reverse the situation by restructuring themselves. Naturally, we would hate to fall so we must restrain ourselves, observe rules and stay united and dedicated."

"People in the industry often say Ren Zhengfei is as mysterious as he is great. This is actually not true. I keep a low profile not because I attempt to build myself up but because I am scared."

"Those who are truly wise are our 130,000 employees and our customers who shape our direction. I just found a way to use benefit-sharing to pool their wisdom."

"During the ebb and flow of the times, the best of the best will be empowered by the solidarity and cooperation of Huawei staff to reach even higher peaks, such as the Himalayas. Hercules' mother is the Earth. As long as he touches the earth, he remains extremely powerful."

"Huawei's 'Earth' is our people and our system. I believe the power of the system will unite our people and elevate our company to the highest peak in the world."

"We need to have confidence in our future but we shouldn't be blindly confident. Disasters in history are lessons from which we can learn. Not knowing the future is a problem that cannot be resolved. However, we can find our proper bearings through inductive reasoning and maintain a reasonable organizational structure and an enterprising spirit.

By doing this, we can guard against adversity in the future. No matter what, we will all pass away one day. This is an undeniable law dictated by history. Our responsibility is to extend our life span. Tides rise and fall in the sweep of history and the spring river flows east, into the Pacific Ocean, into the Indian Ocean and will never return."

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