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McDonald's to invest 200 mln euros in France: report


20:03, April 15, 2013

PARIS, April 15 (Xinhua) -- McDonald's, the world's leading fast food operator, planned a 200-million-euro (261.24 million-U.S. dollar) investment in France in 2013, a local media report said on Monday.

Citing the head of McDonald's chain in France, Jean-Pierre Petit, the report said the group will allocate 110 million euros to open 40 new restaurants across the country while the remaining will be used to renovate the old ones.

"Taking into account the turnover, this represents more than 40,000 recruitments what makes us the leading recruiter in France," Petit noted.

McDonald's saw its turnover standing at 4.2 billion euros in 2011, up from 3.9 billion euros a year earlier in France. It planned to hire 3,000 new workers as part of its expansion scheme.

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