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Brazil targets China as a fashion market

By Wang Yanlin   (Shanghai Daily)

08:58, April 11, 2013

Brazil has made China a strategic market for its fashion industry, expecting higher recognition and more exports of Brazilian shoes, clothes and jewelry to China, said Cesar Yu, chief representative of ApexBrasil's Beijing Office, which helps promote Brazilian trade and investment with China.

Yu made the remarks at the MICAM Shanghai, an exhibition showcasing global footwear products which kicked off yesterday at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. The fair will run through tomorrow.

"China has developed the capability of higher-end consumption, which is reflected in our increasing exports of fashion products to China while the overall exports are decreasing," Yu said.

Brazil is the world's third-largest shoe maker, and an important supplier of shoe components. It also takes a leading role in producing clothes and jewelry, Yu said.

Ten Brazilian footwear companies set up booths in a combined demonstration area at the exhibition. Some of them were looking for local partners to introduce their products in China.

Cristiano Korbes, international projects director of Brazilian Footwear Industries Association, said made-in-Brazil shoes are expected to deliver a sense of happiness and energy that is unique in Brazil. And the prices will be fair to make them affordable luxury, Korbes added.

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