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Foreign firms live up to low standards

(Global Times)

08:14, March 19, 2013

Apple Inc was singled out by State-run China Central Television (CCTV) on the network's annual consumer protection exposé for its alleged bias against Chinese consumers.

While Chinese regulators have come forward to criticize Apple, they should also acknowledge that legal protections covering Chinese consumers are still weak. This essentially creates an environment where retailers can put their own interests ahead of what their customers want.

But even for consumers who want to pursue action against companies, there are still few lawyers who can help their cause. Not only that, but high court costs also scare people away from suing for damages from corporations.

Meanwhile, China has few associations that consumers can turn to when they want to accuse a company of fraud or abuse.

Under these circumstances, Chinese consumers are usually little inclined to launch formal complaints or proceedings against businesses. In the end, is it any surprise that foreign firms have followed the poor model that has been set for them?

The author is Yan Nong, a commentator.

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