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Rebels' armament, interim gov't farce further fuel conflict in Syria


09:22, March 18, 2013

DAMASCUS, March 17 (Xinhua) -- After two years of deadly and protracted crisis, Syria seems everywhere but close to a peaceful resolution with some Western powers mull arming the rebels on ground while the exiled opposition is planning a brazen move to establish an interim government to run what it describes as " librated" Syrian areas.

Despite the too many international conferences held over the past couple of years with voices calling for the need of political solution to Syria, some Western countries have recently divulged their outright backing to the rebels and the opposition in general, becoming thus a side in the conflict rather than impartial solution-makers.

Hundreds of rebel fighters were being given sophisticated- weapons training organized and authorized by the United States at a camp in neighboring Jordan, the CNN network said in a report citing unnamed source from rebels' ranks.

The report said that 300 fighters have already completed the course and crossed the border into Syria on Thursday, adding that more rebel fighters are currently undergoing training.

The CNN story collaborated with what Syria's al-Watan newspaper said on Sunday that hundreds of well-armed jihadists have entered Syria through the borders with Jordan, adding that another 15,000 are poised to head to Syria after finishing special training in Lebanon.

The report came at a time when Britain and France are pushing for lifting an arms embargo to rebels to tilt the balance in the fight against the Syrian troops.

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