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Import station set to make airfreighting of luxury cars quicker, easier

By Yin Yeping (Global Times)

10:37, January 16, 2013

An import station for finished vehicles made overseas is to be set up at Beijing Capital International Airport, a move intended to make the process of importing a car quicker and easier.

Airfreighting could mean it shaves up to three months off the time it takes to import a car, said Wang Zhiyong, media officer of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce Tuesday. Currently, transporting a car via ship can take three to six months for the whole process, he said.

"After the import station is set up, applications to import vehicles can be filed in Beijing," Wang said.

Media officer Feng Lijing from Beijing Customs said airfreighted vehicles must be high-end, since the price for the transportation is very high.

"Normally imported vehicles are transported via sea, which is priced comparatively lower," he said.

The service is targeting organizations like big international companies and embassies who have certain requirements and are able to afford the service.

"Although some cars were airfreighted to Beijing, they needed to be transferred to Tianjin to go through the import procedures, which takes three months longer," said Feng.

Shen Rong, deputy secretary general of the China Automobile Dealers Association, said that the price to airfreight vehicles is so high that it will not impact the local market.

"Some luxury cars can only be bought overseas, and now people will be able to buy one as soon as it's been released abroad," he said.

An imported Ferrari California priced at over 4.24 million yuan ($0.68 million) might include 180,000 yuan for air transportation, according to website in December 2010.

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