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Netherlands wants more high-tech Chinese exports (2)

By DING QINGFEN in Amsterdam  (China Daily)

09:40, January 14, 2013

In 2011, the Netherlands imported high-tech goods valued at 96 billion euro ($128 billion). Of these imports, 18 percent came from China. More than half of China's exports to the Netherlands are high-tech products, mainly laptops and mobile phones, Li said.

Previously, China's shipments to the Netherlands consisted mainly of garments and toys.

While China's overall export growth weakened in 2012, the proportion of exported technology goods continued to expand.

"We have full confidence in our high-end goods, although we also need to improve the quality of the low-end categories," Li said as he rebutted claims that Chinese goods were low quality.

China overtook the EU in 2006 as the world's largest high-tech products exporter, a position it still holds, Li said.

In 2012, about 60 percent of China's exports were mechanical and electrical goods.

China is the second-largest source of foreign direct investment in the Netherlands, following the US.

In 2011, 29 of the 193 FDI deals in the Netherlands were done by Chinese companies, and the investment was focused on electronics, high-tech, services and agriculture.

As many as 330 Chinese companies have established a permanent business presence in the Netherlands, and investment is growing. In 2010 Chinese companies conducted 24 investment deals and this number increased to 30 in 2011.

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