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Netherlands wants more high-tech Chinese exports

By DING QINGFEN in Amsterdam  (China Daily)

09:40, January 14, 2013

China was one of the leading providers of high-tech goods to the Netherlands in 2012, leaping ahead of the United States and Germany, according to an embassy official.

China also looks set to maintain this position over the coming years.

The Netherlands is home to Europe's largest port, Rotterdam, and has a proud trading tradition, and China is playing an increasing role in that trade, said Li Fei, economic and commercial counselor at the Chinese embassy in The Hague.

"Made in China no longer means cheap and low quality here."

Li cited figures from Statistics Netherlands, a government body that compiles information about the country.

In 2011, China passed Germany and the US to become the largest source of high-tech products imported by the Netherlands.

"It's exciting news, and there is little doubt that China can maintain this position in the coming years," he said.

The European Union is China's largest trade partner, and the Netherlands is China's second-largest trade partner in Europe.

Li described the Netherlands as "the barometer of the European economy" as it's a key hub for both exports and imports.

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