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Chinese brands in US building name recognition


15:39, December 07, 2012

By CCTV reporter Daniel Ryntjes

Top marketing experts in the United States say Chinese consumer companies are making moves to build “brand name recognition” in the U.S. Firms like appliance maker Haier and sportswear company Li-Ning are making significant in-roads. But Chinese companies still face a long path to penetrating the hearts and minds of American consumers.

Many Americans have never heard of sportswear company Li-Ning. But if they’re into basketball, as many Americans are, they're beginning to see a glimpse of a potential marketing powerhouse in sportswear.

In October Dwayne Wade, a star player of the Miami Heat signed a shoe endorsement deal with the company founded by the Chinese gymnast Li Ning.

Jamie Moeller is the Head of the Global Public Affairs Practice at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, a firm which advises Chinese companies. He said, “They will not have overnight success, in all likelihood. It's a very challenging and complicated marketplace. But if they're prepared to invest and do the right things over the long term, the payoff can be significant. The next step needs to be building a brand to really compete long-term and succeed long-term in what is a very competitive U.S. marketplace. ”

Shanghai business professional Emily Zhang is studying here for a Master of Business Administration and is shocked that Chinese brands are virtually unknown in the U.S.

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