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More investors approved as QFIIs

By Chen Jia (

16:06, November 21, 2012

China's top securities regulator is speeding up the broadening of the financing channel for qualified foreign institutional investors, aiming to boost the domestic capital market.

In November, seven more foreign investors were approved as QFIIs by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, raising the total number to 199. The volume of their investment has reached $33.57 billion, according to the commission.

An official from the commission said they are discussing whether to extend the quota to more than $1 billion for one institute.

Norges Bank and Qatar Holding Co Ltd have applied for quotas of more than $5 billion respectively.

So far this year, 64 foreign institutional investors have received quotas of $11.93 billion.

As foreign investors show their keen interest in China's mainland securities market, QFII applications and money injections have accelerated, the commission official said.

"The value of shares held by all the QFII account for 1.6 percent of the total A-share value, compared with 1.1 percent in April and May," he said.

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