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Economic ranking means less for public (2)

(Global Times)

09:58, November 12, 2012

While this may lead to a certain amount of national pride and jubilation, the key factor is whether the country can meet the Chinese people's expectations on increasing income, raising social fairness and increasing public welfare.

Overall, these successes would combine to raise the livelihoods and lifestyles of this country above their present levels.

The government should understand that our society has practical and realistic attitudes toward development. This ability will prove key to China's balanced and sustainable development.

Amid China's rapid development in recent years, problems have also emerged. As China escalates its solving of these problems, it should also make society more adaptable to such issues.

A one percent increase or drop in China's growth rate is hardly a decisive factor for China's global competitiveness. What truly affects the economy is the country's political and social environment.

In the past, officials have often been confused as to what they should be making public, economic achievements or real difficulties. This is a conundrum. It would be easier for them to simply speak the whole truth and let the public make up their minds.

China needs to conduct new reforms. These should touch upon various aspects of politics, economy and society. In particular, they should increase democratic elements in the decision-making process and let public opinion become involved through legal means.

The future progress of the country will not only be down to the achievements of the Party and the government, but due to the combined efforts of all our society. In this light, the public would have fewer complaints when facing problems that are difficult to solve.

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