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German authorities investigate possible organic egg fraud


16:42, February 26, 2013

BERLIN, Feb. 25 (Xinhua) -- German authorities are investigating a possible large-scale fraud over the mislabelling of eggs as organic on Monday.

Investigations are underway over some 150 farms in the state of Lower Saxony and 50 more in other states for allegedly violating production regulations of organic eggs.

According to German regulations, organic eggs should be produced where each animal in a poultry farm lives in a space no less than four square meters. However, some farmers have kept more animals than allowed.

"If the accusations are found to be true, then we are talking of fraud on a grand scale," German Minister of Agriculture and Consumer Protection Ilse Aigner said in a statement on Monday, adding that state authorities should ensure the full implementation of German and European Union laws on organic food production.

Organic food means higher production standards and is welcomed by health-conscious German consumers even if they have to pay higher prices.

The possible fraud emerged when customers are still fretting over a horsemeat scandal that has spread across Europe after horsemeat was found in such food products as burgers and lasagna while being fraudulently labelled as beef.

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