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5 killed in helicopter crash in Romania


08:32, July 30, 2013

BUCHAREST, July 29 (Xinhua) -- Five persons aboard a helicopter were killed in a crash in Mures County, north central Romania on Monday evening, local media reported.

The helicopter, crashed into a lake in Taureni Village, belonged to businessman Sorin Terbea, who is among the victims together with the pilot and three German businessmen, according to the county's Inspectorate for Emergency Situations.

The only survivor is a woman with minor injuries, said Cristian Boieriu, coordinator of the SMURD emergency rescue service.

According to the local Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, four bodies were removed from the lake one hour after the accident, while the fifth is still trapped in the wreckage of the helicopter who will probably be retrieved from the lake until Tuesday morning, due to the need of heavy machinery.

According to Mayor Ovidiu Petru Olteanu, Sorin Terbea and German businessmen visited a wood processing factory in his village and the helicopter crashed some three minutes after takeoff. The five people died from drowning.

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