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S. Korean president stresses over Kaesong complex complying with international norms


18:32, July 08, 2013

SEOUL, July 8 (Xinhua) -- South Korean President Park Geun-hye on Monday stressed over the importance of the Kaesong industrial complex complying with international norms.

"In order for inter-Korean relations to go well down the road, an agreement complying with common sense and international norms should be reached," Park told the meeting with senior presidential aides.

"The agreement should be kept without fail, and then it will lead to build trust and establish constructive relations (between Seoul and Pyongyang)," said Park.

Her comments came after South Korea and the Democratic People' s Republic of Korea (DPRK) agreed in principle early on Sunday to reopen the joint industrial zone at the DPRK's border town of Kaesong.

Park said that it was fortunate to enable South Korean companies to bring back finished products and materials out of the complex that are vulnerable to humidity during the rainy season.

The industrial zone, where 123 South Korean companies run factories, was suspended in April after Pyongyang banned about 53, 000 of its workers from reporting to work amid high tension on the Korean Peninsula. Seoul also withdrew its personnel after the DPRK rejected talks.

Park said that the prevention of recurrence of such a wrong thing as breaking the agreement would be important not only for resolving the issue of the Kaesong complex, but also for advancing the inter-Korean relations.

Seoul and Pyongyang were scheduled to hold follow-up talks on Wednesday at the Kaesong industrial park to discuss how to prevent recurrence of unilateral shutdown.

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