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Uruguay's police arrest 80 in victory rampage


09:12, June 06, 2013

MONTEVIDEO, June 5 (Xinhua) -- Uruguay's police arrested 80 rampaging fans early Wednesday, after celebrations marking their team's victory over a rival in a local championship got out of hand, media sources reported.

The press office of Montevideo's city government said 17 police officers were minor injuried when fans began lobbing rocks and other objects at them.

On Tuesday night, Penarol defeated Defensor 3-1 at the city's Centenario Stadium, in a match attended by some 50,000 people. After the game, Penarol fans thronged Montevideo's downtown area to celebrate.

But the revelry spiraled out of control, with fans vandalizing public property and smashing store windows along the city's main thoroughfare, July 18 Avenue, even looting several shops.

Police already deployed in parts of the downtown district, as part of a preventive security measure, clashed with violent fans.

The website of local daily La Republica said 11 of those arrested are minors, and three police patrol cars were damaged.

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