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Test shows frozen lamb contains 5% real mutton

(Global Times)

10:29, June 05, 2013

Shanghai's food safety watchdog found fake lamb on the shelves of several major supermarket chains during a recent round of inspections, local media reported Tuesday.

Reporters sent 15 samples of frozen lamb products to a private biotech laboratory for testing, according to a news report on Shanghai Television Station.

The tests revealed that one of the products contained less than 5 percent lamb, even though its package listed lamb as its only ingredient.

The product was produced by Shanghai Hewang Food Co, which admitted to authorities that it had sold the product to Lotus supermarkets, the report said.

The authorities suspect that the products might also have been sold to other supermarkets including Tesco, Carrefour and Walmart, the report said. The product sold for 20 yuan ($3.26) to 29 yuan per 300-gram package.

Although the product's packaging lists Hewang Food as the manufacturer, the company said it bought the meat from a supplier in Inner Mongolia, which it then processed and repackaged for sale, the report said.

A Hewang Food employee said that it stopped producing the product two months ago.

The city's food safety authorities began the supermarket inspections after Shanghai Television Station reported that a Chongqing restaurant in Putuo district was selling lamb that turned out to be duck meat.

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