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Sudan organizes conference to end tribal violence


18:12, May 28, 2013

EL FASHER, Sudan, May 28 (Xinhua) -- Sudan's North Darfur State on Tuesday organized a conference for peaceful coexistence among tribes in a bid to stop the tribal violence and the growing tribal conflicts in the region.

The conference came in the wake of the tribal clashes in North Darfur State, the last of them the continued dispute over a gold mine at Jabel A'mer area which resulted in the death of hundreds of the people in the area.

North Darfur State Governor Osman Mohamed Yousif Kibir warned against the catastrophic effects of tribal conflicts in the state.

"The phenomenon of tribal conflicts is attributed to reasons including the growing ambitions of some Darfur citizens and lack of their national sense through dissemination of tribalism in addition to the spread of arms among the tribal groups," said Kibir in an address to the state citizens on Monday.

"We are facing a big issue that necessitates intervention of wise men and influential people to curb this phenomenon which threatens our social unity and security, destroys our stability and returns Darfur to the first square of fighting and comprehensive war," he added.

Meanwhile, speaker of North Darfur State parliament Abdul- Rahman Ahmed Mussa reiterated the importance of resolving the tribal conflicts in the state, noting that these conflicts constitute a critical junction that threatens the security and stability of the region.

However, despite the reconciliation conferences which the local authorities organize to end the tribal clashes and pay Diyas ( blood money compensation) for the affected-people , yet these measures lead only to temporary truce among the conflicting parties without conclusively ending the phenomenon.

"The tribe used to be a means for the social and population interrelation, but now it has become one of the reasons of the conflict," Abu Bakr Al-Duma Adam, a native administration leader in North Darfur, told Xinhua.

"We reject these tribal conflicts because they lead to destroying our unity and dismantling the social bond among the population components in Darfur," he noted.

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