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China announces convention on civilized tourist behavior


18:14, May 28, 2013

BEIJING, May 28 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese government on Tuesday promulgated a national convention calling on the Chinese people to take note of their behavior and act as civilized tourists when travelling.

A combination of detailed regulations, the convention was issued by the National Tourism Administration and posted on the Chinese central government's website on Tuesday.

"Being a civilized tourist is the obligation of each citizen," according to the convention, which singles out "protecting cultural relics" as one of the norms to be abided by tourists.

The convention rejects behaviors such as doodling on, or carving characters into, ancient relics, as well as climbing or touching cultural relics. Photos can only be taken of relics when allowed by local regulations, according to the convention.

It also promotes seven other norms to be followed by citizens, including maintaining a clean environment, complying with public orders, protecting ecology, protecting public infrastructure and utilities, respecting other people's rights, showing courtesy when with others and seeking appropriate entertainment.

It labels actions such as spitting, littering, vandalizing, jay-walking and cutting queues as improper behavior.

Graffiti recently left in an Egyptian temple by a teenage Chinese tourist has caused an uproar among other Chinese citizens, who have reflected on how to better regulate behaviors in order to build a good national image.

The convention was issued as Chinese citizens have been traveling more both at home and abroad in recent years. Government data show that nearly 3 billion domestic trips were made in 2012, and that outbound trips exceeded 80 million in the same year.

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