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Paraguay seizes 25.6 tons of marijuana


11:15, May 24, 2013

MONTEVIDEO, May 23 (Xinhua) -- Paraguay's anti-drug police on Thursday said they have seized and burned 25.6 tons of marijuana in the eastern department of Alto Parana, local media reported.

The police said 20 tons of marijuana were found chopped while 5.6 tons were pressed, according to reports from Asuncion, capital of Paraguay. They also found 12 drug pressers.

The operation was held in Itakyry district, 435 km east of Asuncion, with the support of neighboring Brazil's Federal Police.

Three people, including two minors, were arrested, said the reports.

Agents from Paraguay's National Anti-Drug Secretary and a helicopter of the Air Force will remain in the zone to search for other possible drug-production camps.

According to a UN report, Paraguay is one of the world leaders in marijuana-producing and the main source of the drug sold in South American countries.

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