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Int'l Hydropower Association 2013 World Congress opens in Malaysia


13:55, May 22, 2013

Kuching, Malaysia, May 22 (Xinhua) -- "The International Hydropower Association (IHA) 2013 World Congress" opened here Wednesday, to explore ways in which hydropower will continue to make a significant contribution to the future by advancing sustainable hydropower.

Richard Taylor, executive director of IHA in his speech at the opening session said that "IHA is a network of more than 100 member organizations and partners working to advance sustainable hydropower."

"The biennial IHA world congress is an opportunity to assess the needs of the sector and discuss the ways in which hydropower will continue to make a significant contribution to the future," he said.

Yan Zhiyong, Vice Chairman of the Board of Power Construcytio Corporation of China in his speech said, "ecological and environmental impact of hydropower development shall be incorporated into the comprehensive analysis for economy, society and environment."

"China has implemented strict environmental impact assessment and approval system and many measures have been taken to mitigate environmental impact," he said, adding that the Chinese government has also attached great importance to the resettlement work in a bid to support hydropower development.

More than 500 representatives from more that 100 organizations, including corporations, banks, institutes and environment organizations are attending the fourth IHA World Congress.

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