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Israel closes Gaza's commercial crossing for third day


08:43, April 11, 2013

GAZA, April 10 (Xinhua) -- Israel on Wednesday kept the Gaza Strip's only commercial crossing point closed for the third day in a row due to security concerns.

Palestinian militants, who were inspired by al-Qaeda, fired rockets out of Gaza late Sunday. Israel then closed Kerem Shalom crossing in response to the rockets, Israel Radio reported.

The report said that Erez crossing point is partially open for humanitarian purposes, mainly for Gazan patients who seek treatment in Israeli hospitals or in the West Bank.

The situation on the boundary between Israel and the Gaza Strip have been volatile for more than a week. Palestinian rockets and Israeli aerial bombings took place despite a ceasefire brokered by Egypt last November.

An Israeli army spokesperson denied reports that Israeli troops and Palestinian militants had exchanged fire on Tuesday, claiming that Israeli forces had no target to shoot at. The spokesperson said that the Palestinians blew up an explosive device, targeting an Israeli army bulldozer operating in the area.

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