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Boeing 787 to back in service in weeks: company


20:35, March 15, 2013

TOKYO, March 15 (Xinhua) -- U.S. plane manufacturing giant Boeing company said here Friday that its 787 dreamliner will probably resume service within weeks after the advanced jets were grounded for months due to battery-related problems.

Saying at a press conference in Tokyo, Michael Sinnett, vice president and chief project engineer of Boeing's commercial airplane division, said that the company worked closely with the U. S. aviation authorities in testing solutions on 787's battery system.

The company found about 80 potential bugs that could lead to battery failures and the proposed solutions can fix all the bugs, he said, according Japan's Kyodo News Agency.

However, Japanese Transport and Tourism Minister Akihiro Ota said at a separate press conference Friday that the ministry will conduct tests and analyses to check the safety of the most advanced jet with the Federal Aviation Administration, said Kyodo.

On Jan. 16, a Boeing 787 operated by the All Nippon Airways made an emergency landing due to battery failure which caused smoke inside the aircraft, following a series of battery-related incidents of the dreamliner.

The incidents raised concerns over the safety of the aircraft and the world's newest designed jets were grounded worldwide thereafter.

Japanese airlines are the biggest customers of Boeing 787 and over 35 percent of 787's components are provided by the country, including the troublesome lithium-ion battery.

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