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3 Taliban insurgents killed in Afghan operations


15:00, January 14, 2013

KABUL, Jan. 14 (Xinhua) -- Up to three Taliban insurgents were killed and eight others were arrested in different operations carried out by Afghan forces and the NATO-led coalition troops on Monday, said the coalition or International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in a press release.

"An Afghan and coalition security force killed Taliban leader, Haqiq, during a security operation in Sherzad district, Nangarhar province, today. After positively identifying the threat, the security force engaged the armed insurgents, killing Haqiq and two additional insurgents," the ISAF said in the press release.

No civilians were harmed during the operation in the province 120 km east of capital Kabul, it said.

"Haqiq, also known as Sur Gul Lala, conducted attacks against Afghan and coalition forces. He controlled a money extortion campaign against the villagers within the district to fund Taliban activities. The security force also detained three suspected insurgents and seized a cache of weapons, gear and ammunition," it noted.

In a separate operation, the joint forces detained three insurgents in Daman district, Kandahar province 450 km south of Kabul earlier in the day.

"The security force also seized a large cache of ammunition as a result of the operation in Kandahar," the coalition release added.

In northern Baghlan province, 160 km north of Kabul, an Afghan and coalition security force arrested a Taliban senior leader in Baghlan-e Jadid district earlier Monday.

"The senior leader commanded insurgents operating in Jowzjan and Sar-e Pul provinces. He was responsible for attacks against Afghan and coalition forces as well as Afghan civilians in both provinces. During the operation, the security force detained an additional insurgent."

In addition, three local Taliban leaders were detained by the combined force in Baghlan-e Jadid and Dahani Ghori area of Baghlan province on Sunday, the provincial police Chief Assadullah Shirzad told Xinhua on Monday.

The Taliban insurgent group, which has been waging an insurgency of more than one decade, has yet to make comments.

The Afghan security forces and more than 100,000 NATO-led coalition troops continue to press Taliban insurgents and other militant groups in the country, despite a decrease in violent attacks due to cold weather in an imminent winter in the militancy- hit country.

Figures released by the Afghan Interior Ministry showed more than 30 insurgents had been killed and nearly 110 others detained since beginning January during military operations across the country.

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