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Luoyang and the Silk Road

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13:23, August 01, 2013

The Luoyang Silk Road Themed Park (

The desert camel teams from the Northern Tribes in ancient China trekked through thousands of miles of Gobi Dessert to carry out trade in Luoyang and bring Chinese products home. The expansion of the Silk Road not only contributed to product exchange, but also opened a door for dialogues between the east and the west.

The Silk Road Park is located in the estuary of the Chan River and Luo River with a total length of 1.67 kilometers from east to west. After crossing the beautiful Luo Pu Zhu Ying Bridge, one can see two lofty watchtowers in Han style. They stand solemnly at both sides of the mountain gate and embody the charm of the Han culture. Wandering around in the garden, tourists can find bricks on which bearing pictures of Hu musicians. From the picture we can see the Hu musicians moving forward slowly on their camels. This scene is so vivid that we even can feel the beautiful music from the remote desert and walk through the dust-laden history to arrive at the Silk Road.

There are six themed cultural squares in the park, namely the Diplomatic Mission of Ban Chao, the Silk Road, the Governor in West Regions, the Silk Road Trade Route, the White Horse Carrying Classics, and Xuan Zang's Journey to the West. With statues, maps and literary illustrations, the garden perfectly displays the prosperous times of the Silk Road.

After entering the gate, the lofty embossment of the Diplomatic Mission of Banchao comes into view. The embossment is 16 meters wide and 3.7 meters high. On the upper part one can see undulating mountains and placid clouds, while mighty knights and beautiful girls are vividly portrayed on the lower part. The total embossment is made up of three parts, and displays the story of envoy Ban Chao from left to right.

The square of the Silk Road is Romanic in style. A delicate Four-square Pavilion stands at one corner while a gigantic cocoon-shape structure with many beautiful golden leaf privets stands in the center of the square,. Alongside the road there are six big stones, on which the words Shanshan, Khotan, Yanqi, Qiuci, Shule and Shache are sculpted in sequence from east to west. These are 6 main countries which Ban Chao visisted. A former scholar, Ban Chao renounced academia and joined the army. He helped more than 50 countries in the western regions escape control by the Hun and pay allegiance to the Han dynasty.

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