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World Mixed Cultural and Natural Heritage: Mount Wuyi


18:48, July 10, 2013

Mount Wuyi

Date of Inscription: 1999

Chinese name: Wu Yi Shan

English name: Mount Wuyi

Code: 200-022

Based on the standards N(III)(IV) and C(III)(VI) for selecting natural and cultural heritage, Mount Wuyi was listed on the World Heritage List in 1999

Mount Wuyi is located in Wuyishan City, and is about 15 kilometers to the south of the urban area. It is at the southeastern foot of the northern part of the Wuyi Mountains, and covers about 70 square kilometers. Mount Wuyi is composed of four parts, the Wuyi Mountain Scenic and Historic Interest Area, Wuyi Mountain Nature Reserve, Wuyi Mountain Ancient Han Dynasty City Relics, and the Protection Zone of the Jiuqu Stream Upper Reaches.

Assessment of the World Heritage Committee

The Wuyi Mountains is the most renowned biological reserve in southeastern China, and also the refuge for many ancient plants including ones that only grow in China. The valley along the Jiuqu Stream is beautiful and there are many temples on both sides of the stream, although some have been ruined. Mount Wuyi once provided an excellent geographical environment for the idealistic philosophy of the Tang and Song Dynasties to develop and spread. Since the 11th century, the idealist philosophy heavily affected the culture of China’s eastern regions. In the 1st century, the governors of the Han Dynasty established a large administrative capital beside Chengcun village. The capital was surrounded by thick and solid walls and has extremely high archeological value.

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