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World Mixed Cultural and Natural Heritage: Mount Huangshan


18:41, July 10, 2013

Mount Huangshan

Date of Inscription: 1990

Chinese name: Huang Shan

English name: Mount Huangshan

Heritage category: Cultural and natural heritage

Selection criteria: Based on the criteria C(II) and N(III)(IV) for selecting world cultural and natural heritage, Mount Huangshan was listed in the World Heritage List.


Mount Huangshan is located in the southern part of Anhui Province in eastern China. It is about 40 kilometers from north to south and 30 kilometers from east to west, and covers an area of about 1,200 square kilometers. The most valuable part of the mountain covers 154 square kilometers, and is called the “Wubaili Mount Huangshan.”

Mount Huangshan is in the subtropical monsoon climate zone, and due to its high peaks and deep valleys, the climate varies depending on altitude there. Meanwhile, since the northern slopes and southern slopes receive obviously different amounts of sunlight, the landform plays a dominating role in forming the climate. The climate on the mountain features dense cloud and fog, high humidity, and abundant rainfall. The elevation of the Lotus Peak, the highest peak of Mount Huangshan, stands at 1,864 meters. On the mountain, the six scenic spots – the Hot Spring, the Cloud Valley, the Pine Valley, the Northern Sea, the Jade Screen Tower and the Fishing Bridge are all extremely fantastic and beautiful.

The World Heritage Committee's assessment:

Mount Huangshan was once greatly glorified in a period of literary and artistic prosperity (the mid-16th century when the natural scenery was most valued) in China’s history, and was known as the “the most spectacular mountain in China.” Nowadays, Mount Huangshan is famous for its majestic landscapes, especially the unique pines that grow on granite, and the bizarre stones that are partly hidden in the sea of clouds. For the tourists, poets, painters and photographers, who visit this scenic spot from all over the world, the charm of Mount Huangshan is never-ending.

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