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World Mixed Cultural and Natural Heritage: Mount Taishan


18:35, July 10, 2013

Mount Taishan(CNTV)

Date of Inscription:1987

Chinese name: Tai Shan

English name: Mount Taishan

Category: Natural and cultural heritage

Selection criteria: According to cultural and natural heritage selection criteria C(I)(II)(III)(IV)(V)(VI) and N(III), Mount Taishan was included in the “World Heritage List.”


With the main peak as its center at about 1,545 meters above sea level, Mount Taishan looks imposing and majestic. It is hailed as "the first of five mountains" and "the first mountain under the heavens." The radial Mount Taishan is the integration of natural and cultural landscapes. It is tall and majestic, and its southern slope is especially steep, with a towering main peak and overlapped mountain bodies. It is characterized by peculiar, precipitous, but beautiful natural landscapes. The basic layout of its cultural landscape is from the Sheshou Mountain and Haoli Mountain in southwestern Tai'an city to the Peak of the Heavenly Emperor, forming three worlds, "the netherworld," "man's world" and "the heavenly world." The Dai Temple is the main building at the center of Tai'an City at the foot of Mount Taishan, and linked with Tongtian Street in the front and the winding mountain path in the back, so the mountain and the city are integrated. Climbing step by step from the Dai Temple, tourists will enter the "heavenly world" from the "man's world."

Evaluation of the World Heritage Committee:

The solemn and sacred Mount Taishan had been worshipped by emperors for 2,000 years, and its cultural and natural landscapes have been integrated perfectly. Mount Taishan has been the spiritual source of Chinese artists and scholars, as well as a symbol of ancient Chinese civilization and faith.

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