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Top 10 flower fields in the world

By Lu Na (

13:22, June 13, 2013

Baldelli Poppy Flower Field, Worcestershire, Britain (

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The intensity of city life and work give us no time to care about other things, including romantic relationships.

Some of these flower fields will give you a peaceful feeling; some, will cheer you up; and others will make you feel the romance. Walking through these flower fields with your lover can make you forget the troubles of the city and remind you of your love for each other.

Top 10: Baldelli Poppy Flower Field, Worcestershire, Britain

When poppy flowers blossom, it is comparable to an endless red sea, which attracts numerous painters, photographers and visitors. In Worcestershire, poppy flowers symbolize hope, and not sleep and death.The Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, a charity, also encourages the return of local animals to wilderness.

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