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5 free things to do in Hangzhou

By Deng Zhaohao and Xu Wenwen (Shanghai Daily)

14:25, June 06, 2013

The West Lake is Hangzhou's bestknown landmark, with numerous free scenic spots around it. Each season brings its own particular beauty to the lake. In spring, romance fills the air as the willow trees bud and peach trees blossom. Savoring a cup of longjing tea in a leisurely fashion is a fine way to admire the wonderful West Lake scenery. (Shanghai Daily)

Resist those otaku (a Japanese term for stay-at-home types) or couch potato tendencies! Get out and about to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Hangzhou. Once you do, you're sure to find something of interest.

When Hangzhou's West Lake was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011, the city government promised there would be no charge for visiting the picturesque area. In fact, many tourist spots in the city haven't charged admission fees for more than a decade - a reason why Hangzhou is a such popular destination. Here are some of the city's attractions that needn't cost you a yuan to visit.

The West Lake

The West Lake is Hangzhou's best-known landmark. Located in the west of the city, there are numerous free scenic spots around the lake, such as Bai Causeway, Su Causeway and the Broken Bridge.

If you are interested in Chinese history, you can learn about the area's colorful history and amazing tales, including the famous "Legend of the White Snake."

Walk along Bai Causeway, Su causeway, and then turn to Nanshan Road and No. 6 Park. You are rewarded with a sweeping view in a relatively easy manner. Cycling offers another way to enjoy views of the West Lake.

You can also appreciate the beautiful scenery in less energetic ways. Along the West Lake are elegant cafes or teahouses. Ordering a cup of famous longjing tea, you can savor it in a leisurely fashion while admiring the wonderful scenery.

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