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'China Ready' becomes new motto of Aussie tourism


08:43, May 03, 2013

SYDNEY, May 2 (Xinhua) -- A radical reshaping is taking place in Australia's lucrative tourism market, with tourism operators partnering with leading Chinese brands in an attempt to become ' China Ready' for Australia's fastest growing and most cherished market.

It's a market with an impressive annual 12 percent growth and one that by 2020 is expected to contribute up to 9 billion dollars U.S. dollars annually to the Australian economy.

But just how 'China Ready' are Australia's tourism operators?

Tourism Australia Managing Director Andrew McEvoy said being ' China ready' was critical to fully leverage Australia's destination appeal for China's new and sophisticated globetrotter, and that progress was already being made.

"BridgeClimb Sydney is a good example of a popular Australian tourism operator adapting its business to cater better for Chinese visitors.." he said.

Launched this year, BridgeClimb Sydney welcomed Chinese visitors in their own language with the launch of its new Mandarin Climb featuring local mandarin speaking guides -- specifically for Chinese visitors.

The new climb offers Chinese visitors, aged 10 years and over, a chance to fully participate in one of Australia's iconic experiences.

To ensure they were 'China ready' BridgeClimb developed a China plan and are continuously seeking expert advice through trusted Chinese partners.

In evidence, BridgeClimb forged a relationship with China UnionPay to ensure Chinese visitors' spending experience is seamless.

James Yang, Chief Representative, China Union Pay South Pacific, said UnionPay has already become a key component of many Aussie businesses 'China Ready' capacities.

"UnionPay, as a Chinese trust and preferred payment method, has been accepted by thousands of Australian business in the industries of tourism, education and retails," he said.

China has become the largest outbound tourism country in Asia and the third largest overseas consumer population in the world, according to China Southern Airlines, and the capacity to meet this challenge requires genuine cross-border commercial coordination.

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